Climbing Team

Monster Mountain Youth Climbing Team

Climbing Team at Monster Mountain is an extension of our Climbing School program. Our goal is to provide an encouraging and uplifting environment for youth climbers who are committed to growing in the sport through local competitions as well as USAC sanctioned events.

Our coaches are committed to helping students further their climbing technique and strength while building self-confidence in a safe and healthy environment.

Climbing Team is open to Level 2 and 3 Climbing School students who are excited about competing. Coach Approval is required to join the competitive team.

Climbing Team students have two options for registration, however, all students function as one team, working together at practices and supporting one another at competitions.

Interested in Joining the Climbing Team?

Registration for Spring Season is closed. The next opportunity to join team will be for Fall 2018 Bouldering Season. Registration for Fall Season will open in August. If you are interested in joining our Team please contact Virginia to schedule a meeting or phone conversation.


Important Info for Current Team Members:

All Team climbers are expected to participate in at least 2 local events and Regional Championships. USAC registration is required in order to qualify for regionals.

Register with The USAC

Students should be registered through USAC before they attend their first competition of the season. To register visit the USAC web page.

When registering you will need to enter your region and climbing team name.

  • Region: Midwest 501
  • Team Name: Monster Mountain Climbing Team
  • Gym: Monster Mountain Climbing Gym