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Combo Party Is a Colossally Fun Time!

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Has your child been asking for an “extra special” fun birthday party this year? Want to go big and still stay within budget? The Emerald City Gym Combo Party is exactly what they are asking for!

Feel the excitement

It’s a party, it’s fun gym play, it’s Monster Mountain excitement. It’s a birthday party of epic proportions! Hey, did we mention that Monster Mountain is 5,000 square feet of rock-climbing adrenaline?!

For children ages 5-12, the Emerald City Gym Combo Party is an hour and a half of contagious fun assisted by trained staff PLUS 30 minutes of celebration time in our party area.

This one-of-a-kind, just-for-your-birthday-child Combo Party is the birthday party to beat all other birthday parties.

You will:

  • Have ample opportunity to get awesome pictures of your child’s big day to relive the memories forever!

  • Enjoy seeing your children climb to new heights, literally and figuratively, as they explore Monster Mountain, crawl endlessly in our giant foam pit, wind through the maze, and rush swiftly down our slides.

  • Likely get enthusiastic hugs and huge thanks from your child and their friends!

  • Not even get tired because we can do it all for you! From decorations to cupcakes to clean up, we take care of the details.

Named the 2013 Family Fav Gym by local parents and KC Parent Magazine, Emerald City Gym is proud to be the choice for your child’s birthday party.

Contact us today to get this party started!


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