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Emerald City Gym Provides Health Benefits for Children of All Ages

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Healthy children who have healthy lifestyles filled with exercise grow into healthy adults with a lifetime of advantages.

Developing healthy habits

Dedication to exercise takes determination and structure, but it is well worth the effort and goes a long way in ensuring healthy children with healthy bodies and minds.

Once those great habits are developed and practiced, healthy children see the benefits of hard work as well as the over-all health gain of exercise.

Gymnastics and activities provided at Emerald City Gym not only provide this structure, the facility, and the equipment, but also the positive motivation needed to develop healthy habits.

There are many benefits to a healthy lifestyle:

  • Heart health: Simply exercising the body with physical activity 60 minutes per day keeps a child’s heart healthy.

  • Sickness and disease prevention: Physical exercise prevents and/or improves certain asthma conditions, obesity, diabetes, lung conditions, and muscle and bone issues.

  • Life choices: Keeping healthy through physical exercise raises self-esteem, which leads to children making better life choices. Those who are healthy physically also exhibit a healthier mentality, making high pressure life choices easier, such as choosing not to use drugs or alcohol, and avoiding crime.

  • Flexibility, energy, and motivation: Healthy children have a greater capacity to enjoy other things in life such as team sports. Their motivation and energy levels are higher because of physical exercise.

Emerald City Gym takes the task of healthy children very seriously while providing a fun and safe atmosphere.

We have structured gymnastic programs that can include healthy competitions a few times a year.

We also have open play and event options to let children gain the benefits of exercise though physical play equipment and games such as slides, foam pits, rope swings, rock climbing walls, trampolines, basketball, and more. Exercise is fun, and we can help your kids experience it at Emerald City Gym!

To discuss the healthy options that Emerald City Gym offers please give us a call at 913-438-4444 or connect with us.


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