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Emerald City's Recreational Gymnastics Benefits

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Emerald City's recreational gymnastics program is a family oriented and welcoming program.  Children of all ages can derive multiple benefits from participating in the sport of gymnastics.

Set your child up for success

Early participation in the sport has shown to support earlier reading and comprehension skills.  Increasing grip and arm strength improves handwriting, and the core stability gained through practicing gymnastics can have many long term benefits.  Kids that join recreational gymnastics classes at a young age are more likely to succeed in other sports, excel in school, and be a more positive part of peer groups.

Our program focuses on goal setting and individual achievement. By following safe skill progressions, our program produces healthy, safe, and strong fundamental movement regardless of skill level.

Students learn about how their bodies work and how to keep themselves and others safe. They each will face challenges and learn how to persevere with the supportive direction of our wonderful coaches.

When reaching a goal and finding achievement, they will be met with instructors and peers to celebrate their successes as well.

Classes are grouped first by age, then by skill level.  We use an online skill tracking program to make it easy for you to track (and celebrate) your child's progress.  Our culture of open communication between parents and coaches will help you know your kids are in safe hands, and that we only want the BEST for each of your students.


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