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Gymnastics Homework: Handstand

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

As the video demonstrates, handstands are a basic yet vital skill in gymnastics.

As seen in the video, handstands are a basic skill in gymnastics, but they are also one of the most vital elements.

In girls and boys gymnastics, the handstand position is used in every event, either being held, or used to transition between skills. As gymnasts progress in the sport, being on your hands is almost as common as being on your feet.

After you have worked on the steps shown in the video above, the next step would be kicking up to a handstand.

Getting Started

For this skill, it is best to practice in a gymnastic environment, with a coach present. Start standing up on your feet, facing towards the wall, with your arms extended towards the ceiling.

Put your favorite foot forward, your front leg bent, and back leg straight. This position is called a lunge. Next would be to kick up the handstand.

As your hands reach down, kick your legs upwards, straight behind you. Extend your shoulders, keeping your upper body muscles tight. As your legs go above your head, and all your weight is on your hands, wait until you are vertical to bring your legs together.

Use the wall to balance if needed, moving away from it when you are comfortable. Be aware, your body will want to bend over, causing back fatigue. Keep your body in a nice line so you are able to adjust your balance efficiently.

As you are balancing, use a combination of your wrists and shoulders to adjust where your body is leaning, always trying to keep everything in a straight line.

As with everything in gymnastics, it takes time and practice to master the handstand, but your coach should always be able to help you improve!

They should always have stations and exercises to better your abilities, as long as you put in the time. Have fun, and good luck progressing!


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