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Gymnastics Safe Sport

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Here at Emerald City Gymnastics we want you to know we take this situation very seriously and have taken extra steps to secure our students are safe in all aspects of the sport.

Educational Resources

As the world watches Simone Biles explode on the floor and win countless medals at World Championships, the gymnastics community has heard a lot of ongoing issues with the governing bodies over the last few years and the concern to make gymnastics a safe sport.

We currently require all team coaches to complete the regulated SAFE SPORT classes and certifications.  We go out of our way to secure we adhere to the safe sport standards; no team travel, no driving gymnasts to practice or meets, no social media interaction with gymnasts, limit personal relationships by text with parents and gymnasts other than attendance.

Safety is the utmost importance in all aspects of the sport.

For more information regarding Safe Sport for Gymnastics, visit this site... Click HERE


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