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How Gymnastics Helps Kids Develop

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

You might be asking “why gymnastics” or “how can gymnastics help my child”?

Top 10 Gymnastics Benefits

You’ve come to the right place for answers! Emerald City Gym is a premier gymnastics destination for children of all ages. You won’t find better gymnastics in Kansas City or its surrounding areas.

We focus on each child whether they are training to become an Olympic gymnast or they are taking gymnastics classes to get a great physical education and keep their bodies healthy.

Here are the Top 10 reasons can benefit from gymnastics and what makes Emerald City Gym a premiere gymnastics destination all year round!

1. Coordination and Flexibility

This is probably the number one reason that parents inquire about gymnastics for their young children. Often gymnastics is an additional athletic class children take to enhance their dance training or other sports training.

A growing number of children are taking gymnastics classes to train for an Olympic career. Many children just take gymnastic classes to simply enjoy the athletic skill and fun of it all.

Any one of these reasons will help the child gain coordination and flexibility that they will carry with them throughout their school years and even into adulthood.

2. Sportsmanship and Social Skill Building

Since gymnastics is an individual sport within a group environment, children learn a very healthy sportsmanship attitude.

Gymnasts cheer each other on, compete in healthy ways with smiles and encouragement, and understand that their fellow gymnasts are hard working athletes just as they are.

They set and reach goals similarly as well as celebrating accolades together. Emerald City Gym, gymnastics in Kansas City, is a great place to develop healthy social skills.

3. Fundamentals of Movement

For the youngest children who take gymnastics, fundamentals of movement are a great asset to growing up. Not only do they learn movement patterns and develop amazing dexterity, they also learn the art of graceful movement and poise.

These things look fabulous as they grow older, but more importantly they make for a healthier body. To stand up straight and tall at all times just might help them in a future career as well.

4. Discipline, Listening, and Determination

In order to achieve great discipline in life we must learn to listen and follow directions well.

That leads to wanting to learn more and a determination that drives us to great heights. This all can be achieved both literally and as life assets through gymnastics at Emerald City Gym.

We take pride in helping children develop into hard working, persevering adults who understand the positive attributes of discipline and determination.

5. Self Esteem and Confidence

Gymnastics goes a long way in helping to build great self esteem and confidence in young people.

Whether the student is in the class for a physical benefit or is putting extra hours in to train to be a professional gymnast, the self esteem and confidence level soars in each person.

The accomplishments of weekly smaller goals to the competition goals being reached by those who choose to go that route provide a positive self-image for body and mind. The instructors at Emerald City Gym take this very seriously as they know their impact on the lives of children start from day one in class.

6. Goal Setting

Goal setting is very important in everyday life.

Gymnastics classes help to set a frame of mind in each individual that success comes from setting goals, both big and small, and working continually towards those goals.

Setting goals and keeping a good perspective helps the individual to manage stress levels and anxiety that might arise in sports and life in general.

Striving to achieve these physical goals translates into striving to achieve other goals as well, like doing better in school work, participating successfully in extra-curricular activities, and working harder towards a college or career track.

7. Strength and Power

These two things are very high on the list of extra benefits achieved through gymnastics.

While many do not start their goal list off with these two, they are surprised to learn that as they progress through the classes and various levels, they are stronger and have more power in their bodies.

These are just two of the many health benefits of gymnastics, but deserve their own place in our Top 10 list of benefits of gymnastics in Kansas City because of the surprise achievement they provide.

8. Skills to Enhance Other Athletic Sports

Strength, coordination, and flexibility are all great things learned through gymnastics that will help a child in the other athletic sports they participate in during their adolescent years.

But there is more to that list like sharp decision making skills, quick movement, and immediate goal setting within game play. Gymnastics can enhance just about any other sport training or participation.

9. Health Benefits

The long term health benefits are tremendous with enrollment in continued gymnastics classes. We already mentioned the surprise benefits of the gained strength and power that helps a body grow.

Gymnastics helps maintain healthy body weight, improves circulation, and helps maintain a healthy growing environment for the body.

10. Fun

And last but certainly not least, it’s fun! Gymnastics in Kansas City is fun, creative, and a wonderful way for the student to enjoy time with other students with similar interests.

Emerald City has tons of fun, exciting things to participate in during class and open play times. These Top 10 reasons are exactly what makes Emerald City Gym, gymnastics in Kansas City, a premier gymnastics destination.

Stop by today and see our facility, meet some of the crew, and get your questions answered. We look forward to meeting you and your children!

Give us a call at 913-438-4444 to schedule a free class!


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