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Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Regionals is a competition between some of the most talented gymnasts in a region. We here at Emerald City, are a part of REGION 3 gymnastics. That means, we compete with the states of, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming.

Girls Regionals

Levels, 7, 8, 9 10 & Xcel gold, platinum, and diamond are the only levels where you can qualify to regionals. Your score at the state meet decides if you qualify, or not. Each level will either take a percentage of girls that compete at state meet, or have a qualifying score for regionals.

Boys Regionals

Levels, 6, 7,8 ,9 ,10, JD1, JD2 are the only levels where you can qualify to regional’s. A certain allotment from state is chosen to go to regional’s for each level.

Isn’t that a lot of fun info? But really, it’s great to learn how the gymnastics world runs and all the requirements for these higher-level meets. We have had both girls and boys qualify for regional’s this year as well as past years. It’s a huge accomplished for an athlete to qualify and we are so excited to have our athletes participate!

Here are the athletes who qualified this year:

  • Satara Hertel- Level 8

  • Mallory Kruckenberg- Level 7

  • Zoey Hrabe- Level 7

  • Keeli Blake- Xcel Gold

  • Hailey Wilcox- Xcel Gold

  • Sophia Greene- Xcel Gold

  • Arie Gerard- Level 6

  • Sebastian Hortua- Level 6

  • Declan Regehr- Level 6

  • Nolan Levy- Level 6

  • Zak Fraley- Level 7

  • Andrew Hartegan- Level 7

  • Ellis Malone- Level 7

  • Aidan Rafols- Level 7

  • Chase Mondi- Level 9

  • Kelly North- Level 9

  • Will Saunders- JD 1

  • Asa Thompson- Level 9

  • Jake Baughman- Level 10

  • Chance Brogan- Level 10

  • Calen Cacioppo- Level 10

  • Braeden Jevne- Level 10

  • Lane Siegle- Level 10

  • Trey Galvan- JD 1

  • Dan Hill- JD 1

When are Regionals held?

This weekend is the Women’s Level 7 Region 3 Championships, and they are right here in KCMO! If you love gymnastics, come out and watch some very talented girls , from all different states! (info below)

Some other regional meets have already passed for boys and girls. We traveled to Lake Dallas, Texas last weekend for Women’s level 8 regional’s, and the boys regional’s was April 6th in Fort Worth, Texas.

See below for more information about this weekend’s regional meet!

WHEN? April 27-29, 2018

WHERE? UMKC Swinney Rec Center 5030 Holmes St, Kansas City, MO 64110

WHO? Approximately the top 480 female level 7 athletes in Region 3


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