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Emerald City Gym Has Kansas City’s Best Indoor Play Area!

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

We’ve got all the best equipment that the kids love like rock walls, slam-dunk basketball, a maze, zip lines, tunnels, obstacle courses, and in-ground trampolines.

The most comfortable way to play

Bring the kids for tons of healthy fun right here under one roof with unmatched supervision, high quality athletic gear, and smiles galore.

When it’s too hot or too cold, it isn’t comfortable or safe for kids to play outside. And then there are times you want to give your kids and their friends a fun, secure environment for indoor play for an hour or two.

For as many reasons as you have for looking for an indoor play place, Emerald City Gym probably has 10 times the amount of fun stuff to do!

We’ve got Open Play, Parent-Tot, Seasonal Events, even pre-scheduled open indoor play times that coincide with local school breaks.

Have a birthday party or Bar Mitzvah coming up and want a place for the kids to burn off some celebratory energy through indoor play?

Looking for an indoor play field trip for your Boy or Girl Scout Troop? Maybe your company, organization, or church would like to do a fundraiser or lock-in event.

Emerald City Gym can accommodate all these and more! Our facility is open to private time indoor play, too.

No need to settle for mediocre fun when your kids can have safe, secure, healthy indoor play time fun! For details about the various indoor play options at Emerald City Gym along with pricing and schedules, visit our website today!


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