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Cartwheel Common Problems

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Since the cartwheel has such a drastic change in motion, from going straight forward, to being upside down, to moving backwards at the ending, there is a lot of opportunities for error. This blog will go over the common problems that could occur during the cartwheel.

1. Falling to Your Back

One of the most common problems is falling over to your back as you kick over. This could be because of two reasons. The first reason is because you are keeping your hands perpendicular with your body.

This will cause you to do a handstand, not allowing your body to turn properly.

To fix this, simply quarter-turn your body as you cartwheel, so your hands land in line with your feet.

The other reason you mighty be falling on your back is because you are not watching your hands. As you are upside-down, your sense of balance is askew, especially if your head is tucked in. to fix this, simply watch your hands for the duration of the skill.

2. Cartwheel is Low/Kicking Over Sideways

This is a safer problem, as in you won’t get hurt by having it, but it separates the beginners from the more advanced gymnasts. The cause of this problem is mainly power, the amount you are kicking over with your back foot.

To fix this, try starting further away from where you’ll reach your hands, so your body stays extended.

It also could be caused by reaching your hands off to one side, instead of straight forward.

By making your hands reach straight forward, it makes it easier for your feet to follow suit, straight behind you.

Some of the miscellaneous issues that can cause problems with cartwheels can include:

  • lifting your hands early

  • bending arms or legs during the skill

  • trying to jump into the cartwheel

  • not looking where you are going

All these can be resolved by following the example set in the video, or by following the instructions of your gymnastics coach!

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